Your Journey Begins

I help busy Moms get rid of limiting beliefs, find confidence and gain balance so they can live the life of their dreams.

Hey Moms!

Do you want more time with your kids while still climbing the corporate ladder or enhancing your own business?

Want to be more organized and have a better grasp on priorities?

Want and need more balance?

Meet Gráinne McConnell

Hi I’m Gráinne, founder and owner of Strong Path Coaching, an internationally qualified coach and member of the International Coaching Federation, as well as a busy Mom of two high-energy children. I am an advocate for Moms everywhere to get rid of limiting beliefs, seek their purpose, find their voice and gain the correct balance in their lives. I passionately believe that everyone would benefit from more Moms being present in higher positions in the corporate and business worlds.

I help Moms to gain confidence and visibility, prioritize and organize, all while reaching their true potential and achieving aspirational goals. We can do it!

Coaching Services

Strong Path Coaching offers several tailored packages to suit all Moms in all situations.

Moms in the Boardroom

Finding balance between your career and being a Mom while rising to the top of the corporate ladder.

Relocating Moms

Moving across country or internationally? Take the stress away with one of our packages.

Mom Entreprenuers

Running a business and a household is tough! Find a package to help you find balance.

Courses and Packages

Individualized packages ensures we have an option for every situation while providing the best value for your money.

What People Say

Gráinne helped me analyse all areas of my life to get to the crux of my feelings of overwhelm and dissatisfaction. Out the other end came a new me who is following her dreams. I’d highly recommend Gráinne to anyone wanting to dig a little deeper into their lives to build one they will love!

Louise Ladd, Owner and Professional Organizer at Order and Calm