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Transformational Coaching is by definition, transformative. This is much more than booking with a life coach, a transformational coach will help you to see your habits and attitudes in a way that will transform your current life into the life you have always desired.

Rather than the transaction of setting goals and actioning them, during a session we will challenge bad habits, negative self-images and limiting beliefs that are keeping you in the same place and not allowing you to grow in your personal life and/or career. In place of this, the client will be immersed in self-exploration in order to develop a positive mindset and positive abilities, see the exponential potential within and to achieve a more fulfilling and balanced life of your dreams.

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Moms in the Boardroom

Moms who are already represented in the boardroom or those who aspire to be in a corporate boardroom.

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Relocating Moms

Moms who are relocating and setting up their entire lives (and their children’s lives) in a new State or country.

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Mom Entrepreneurs

Moms who are in the midst of running their own business or have a desire to set up their own business .

Gráinne helped me make a dream come true. I had dreamed of being a yoga teacher for 20 years and yet my fear of standing up in front of the class had always stopped me taking that step to train but with her expertize and caring guidance I was able to achieve my goal. She showed me how to face my fear and do it anyway. I am now teaching and love every minute of it. Thank you for making it possible Gráinne.

Victoria, Mom of 4 and Yoga Teacher

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