Meet Gráinne

How can Gráinne help you?

She’s done it!

Gráinne has worked in the corporate world, she has started her own business and she has relocated internationally three times, twice with small children. She knows what you are going through and she knows how to help you navigate transitions and achieve goals all while finding balance.


All Moms struggle with balance! How can we keep balance while working a stressful job in a fast-moving industry, setting-up a business or relocating? Having someone to hold you accountable, organize thoughts, help you to prioritize and be there as support, will help gain balance and work towards achieving the life that you desire.


You will see transformational results from your first session. Using transformational coaching skills, Gráinne will help you to get rid of limiting beliefs, build confidence, prioritize effectively, organize your thoughts and set aspirational goals that will continue to motivate you even after your coaching course is complete.

Achieving Goals

Setting aspirational goals is an essential part of getting the life of your dreams. Together we will begin by reflecting on where you are right now and work towards setting motivational goals with longevity. During each session we will set actions that will ensure your path to the life you desire. Gráinne is a big believer in goal setting and uses intuition, coaching tools and her experience to ensure your goals are challenging, stretching and achievable.

“I believe in the skills, determination and power of Moms. We have been put in a box for too long!

Imagine what we are capable of if we realize our potential to create and achieve, find our confidence and our voice.”

– Gráinne McConnell

Gráinne McConnell is an internationally qualified Transformational Coach and a member of the prestigious International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is the owner and founder of Strong Path Coaching. She is also a Mom to a 7 year old daughter, Molly and 5 year old son, Aodhán.

After a successful career in marketing with one of the world’s leading medical companies and two international relocations with two small children, Gráinne decided to embark on establishing a Transformational Coaching company dedicated to Moms.

With a strong belief that mothers skills are stretched and developed as parents and that they add more value to companies, Gráinne decided to focus on a company that would give Moms their voice back, confidence to showcase these new skills on top of their years of experience and knowledge and to help them with prioritization and thought organization in order to pursue the careers they deserve as well as being present mothers.

Gráinne uses transformational tools, active listening and powerful questioning to empower Moms with self-belief and confidence. Above all, her personal understanding and experience in the world of parenting enables her to help mothers achieve parenting and professional goals whilst reaching for their dreams and true potential.

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