Mom Entrepreneurs

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“I think every working Mom probably feels the same thing. You go through big chunks of time where you’re thinking “this is impossible – oh this is impossible”. And then you just keep going and keep going and sort of do the impossible”

– Tina Fey

Who are Mom Entrepreneurs?

Mom Entrepreneurs (also commonly called Mompreneurs or Momtrepreneurs) are simply, entrepreneurs who are also Moms. This is a rapidly growing network which includes all Moms who run their own business, whether that is as a CEO of a large global company, a realtor, a store owner or an MLM (Multi-level Marketing).

How can Strong Path Coaching help Moms in the Boardroom?

In the last year, more Moms have turned to running their own businesses due to loss of job, inflexible working around homeschooling and risk to their health.

As a business owner and a Mom, Gráinne understands the pressures and daily struggles of dividing your time between being a Mom and running a business. She also understands that to survive in the current market, we need to change how we do business in order to survive.

How Strong Path Coaching can help

More Confidence

Being a Mom and an entrepreneur can knock your confidence as you are being pulled in so many directions. It can feel as though you are failing at everything!

We will work together to identify what is knocking your confidence and how we can build it back up. This will give you the freedom to be creative, put yourself out there and take risks.

Navigate Changes

We have all encountered so much change recently. Many people have lost jobs and others have started their own businesses. We have had to make decisions for our children under the most intense pressure with little to no knowledge of long-term effects.

Together we can look at coping mechanisms and ways to navigate during transitions. Long-term, this will make you much more flexible, adaptable and confident.


As Moms we are pulled in so many directions; work, running the household, being on top of the kid’s and your own schedule and being the household taxi driver! The list of Mom duties are endless!

Together we can prioritize effectively and learn exactly where we can set boundaries, in order to create more balance in your life.

Less Isolated

Being an entrepreneur can be very isolating. It can be high pressure to start a business with no one to bounce ideas off and of course, the constant struggles with self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Having a coach will not only give you support and accountability, but delving deeply into what is causing the self-doubt and imposter syndrome will allow you to release negative thoughts so that you can be the best Mom and entrepreneur!

What packages are available to Moms Entrepreneurs?

Coaching needs are unique to every person, therefore there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach at Strong Path Coaching.

Mom Entrepreneurs will need coaching at different times in their lives, when starting their business, during pregnancy and preparing for a new baby while running a business, regaining confidence in yourself and identity, during company restructuring, and also, when you feel stuck and unsure of which direction to take.

To discuss coaching packages and to explore if Strong Path Coaching is the right type of coaching for you, book a complimentary discovery call.

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