Moms in the Boardroom

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“The struggle is real. The juggle is real. This is why everyone should hire working mothers. They are put in crazy situations all the time and are forced to problem-solve. They are some of my most resourceful employees.”

-Sara Blakely

Who are the Moms in the Boardroom?

This relates to career-driven, ambitious Moms. These are the women already killing it in the boardroom or the women who have desires and determination to be in the boardroom.

How can Strong Path Coaching help Moms in the Boardroom?

As a previous corporate employee, Gráinne, understands the position you are in and wants to see you excel in your field. 1 to 1 coaching will allow us to delve deep into your own self-exploration and to discover and identify any limiting beliefs or negative thinking patterns.

How Strong Path Coaching can help

More Confidence

Being a Mom can knock your confidence as you are being pulled in so many directions. It can feel as though you are failing at everything!

We will work together to identify what is limiting your confidence and how we can build it back up. This will give you the freedom to be creative, find your voice and be able to express yourself openly within your team and wider company.

Navigate Changes

We are in a constant cycle of change; structural changes in work, coping with numerous kids in numerous schools etc. but 2020 created the ‘new norm’ and besides trying to make unprecendented decisions for our children, we are also struggling with different anxieties.

Together we can look at coping mechanisms and other ways to navigate during those harder days and during transitions. Long-term, this will make you much more flexible, adaptable and confident through change.

More Balance

As Moms we are pulled in so many directions; work, running the household, being on top of the kids and your own schedule and being the household taxi driver! The list is endless!

Together, we can prioritize effectively and identify where we can make room for change while setting positive boundaries, in order to create balance in your life.

Identify New Skills

As Moms, we acquire a multitude of new skills – and I’m not talking diaper-changing! For some reason, we don’t identify these skills as being useful in our careers. I’m talking about multi-tasking, negotiation, diplomacy, resilience, leadership, patience, the ability to anticipate needs!

We will perform an audit of your strengths and skills and bridge a gap between what you identify your skills to be and where they really are.

What packages are available to Moms in the Boardroom?

Coaching needs are unique to every person, therefore there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach at Strong Path Coaching.

Corporate Moms will need coaching at different times of their lives, during company restructuring, when receiving a promotion and settling into a new positions, when you feel stuck and unsure of which direction to take, during pregnancy and preparing for maternity leave, returning after maternity leave and regaining confidence in yourself and identity.

To discuss coaching packages and to explore if Strong Path Coaching is the right type of coaching for you, book a free, no obligation discovery call.

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